First of all, thanks for coming to the party. By purchasing Yow, or any of our other films, you become a privileged member of our party to end all parties. Welcome!

Instructions for Digital Downloads

Open the link in your confirmation email in your browser. Right-click on the video and select “save video as” to download the video file to your hard drive. After the movie is downloaded directly to your computer, you can view it in your favorite video player or move the downloaded movie file into iTunes (or appropriate media software). Then we can party on your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad or any other device. Definitely email us if you have problems of any sort.

Purchase Party!
These are the party packages you may choose from:

  • YOW 1080p Gold Package – $20 Your best bet. Three epic films for twenty bucks!
    Includes YOW + Tributaries (2014, 20 minutes, 1080p digital download) + Breathe (2012, 19 minutes, 1080p digital download). $30 Value.
  • YOW 1080p – $15
  • YOW 720p – $12
  • YOW DVD Pre-Order + 720p – $28 DVD + extras. See DVD pre-order party below for more information and time frames.

YOW Party Details!
Digital downloads: 720p (file size) or 1080p (file size), .MP4, iDevice ready. ~45 minute run-time + extra content on DVD (details forthcoming).

We fish and surf — we have salty mouths. Parental discretion is advised for swearing. We also advise parents your children may be inspired to get outside and chase the YOW.

ALL digital downloads and DVD content are STRICTLY for personal use only.

DVD Pre-Order Party!

Our pre-order includes a DVD + HD Digital Download when they’re available. The HD Digital Download will be available January 2015 and an email will be sent with a discount code to download. The DVD will ship by the end of April 2015 and you will again be notified via email as that date approaches.


We like this party to be secure and safe — no cops, no hackers. Everything on this site is encrypted via SSL to modern standards.

Privacy Policy!

Because it’s OUR party, we don’t want to tell strangers about it. Any information you provide to us is totally safe — because who likes partying with strangers? ALTHOUGH, since we like to party — and it sounds like you like to party — we will use your email address to contact you with future, fun parties. If you’ve partied with us before and want off our list, magically click here to get unsubscribed.


Party on, Wayne.