The Tributaries Series DVD

The first compilation fly fishing DVD from Tributaries Digital Cinema.

Three years in the making, this compilation DVD contains exciting and compelling storytelling about the fly fishing lifestyle, passions and fish that drive anglers to the ends of the planet. From atlantic salmon in Iceland, to bonefish in the Bahamas, the films on this DVD have inspired crowds of fly anglers the world over.

Films featured: Yow: Icelandic for Yes! Tributaries and Breathe.

Total Run Time: 90 minutes

Featured Films:

Yow: Icelandic for Yes!

The thing is: it’s not just a word, it’s a feeling — it’s smiling with satisfaction after a long day in the rain, it’s believing in the unknown. From rendezvousing with 16th generation farmers while discovering un-fished rivers to sitting in lonely surf line-ups while the snow falls — Iceland’s landscape and culture is an incredible background in which to chase the Yow.

Yow: Icelandic for Yes is a 42 minute surf and fly fishing film, shot using the latest in digital cinema technologies. Including 10 minutes of extra content including behind the scenes footage.

Tributaries Fly Fishing Film

Fly fishing is a powerful current that unifies an even stronger worldwide community.

Tributaries is a journey to uncover the commonality among different cultures, people and water. It explores the contrasting experiences of three diverse guides — a Bahamian flats-drifter, a Patagonian trout bum and a Viking-blooded Icelander.
Watch three characters’ stories merge into one: a tribute to the world’s water.


A people film about fly-fishing and work.

What do you do when the current of work grows so strong you start to drown in it? You take off fishing the scenic waterways of Montana where trout, and the people catching them, teach you how to breathe again. Follow the journey of one man’s fishing adventure that takes him across the state of Montana in search of the next fish, fresh perspective and a more fulfilling life — after all, staying afloat in this contemporary world is a challenge.